CS 3331 – Advanced Object-Oriented Programming Programming Assignment 1 solved

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You have begun organizing your bank. You now have a few customers who are
using the bank.
1. Create a class called “Checking” which will be representative of a checking
account. This class should have appropriate fields.
2. Read a file with account information and store it appropriately
3. Create methods that will inquire a balance, pay someone, deposit money,
withdraw money, log all transactions
a. The account balance should change appropriately
i. You should not be able to spend more money than what is in
the account
b. Appropriate messages should be given in the console
c. Think about how you would use your own checking account
4. Logged transactions should be written to a text file in a standard way
5. Allow for user input to make transactions
a. Transactions for a single person
b. Transactions between any two people
6. When the user has decided to exit, write the updated account information to
the text file
7. Write the lab report describing your work (template provided)
a. Any assumptions made should be precisely commented in the source
code and described in the lab report.
8. Schedule a demo time with the TA.