CO301 Assignment no 5 solved


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Problem (A)

Problem (B) (Optional)
Write a C programs using socket programming approach to implement a multithreaded
echo-server and a client program to demonstrate client-server communication.
(Optional: – Try to process (i.e. get) the IP address of the machine from where the request is
coming (i.e. the client) and send the IP address back to the same client from the server.)
 Learn the system calls for socket programming in C for TCP implementation.
 Learn to use pthread_create() system call to create POSIX threads
 After listen() call in your server program create N numbers of threads where N is equal to
the backlog parameter of your listen() call.
 Now implement a framework such that each of the created threads will be responsible for
accepting a client request and read the information sent from the client and write the
same back to the respective client.