BT6270: Computational Neuroscience Assignment #1 solved


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I have attached the MATLAB code which simulates the Hodgkin Huxley model. You need to run, and modify this code so as to find and/or plot the following:
1. Threshold values for the external applied currents I1, I2, andI3in which shift of dynamical behavior from one to another is seen, such as no AP, finite number of AP’s, Continuous firing and then followed by distortion resulting in no more APs.
2. A graph which depicts the firing rate (frequency) as you change the applied external current ( i.e. Iext vs. Firing rate (f), as explained by sir in the class). You can make this plot eitherinMatlab or Python.
General Instructions:
• A valid submission requires a compressed zip or tar file named as “ containing the following files:
o A detailed one-page report which includes the values asked for, the assumptions made, your observations,the plot required.
o The Matlab /python code used to generate the plot required (Iext vs f).
o Any other user defined functions which would be required for this main code to run.
• Please mail, the completed assignment(zip or tar file) to any of the email address mentioned below with the subject: “BT6270:Assignment -1”.
Please note the deadline for Assignment-1 is 10/
Mail the assignment to any of thefollowing email IDs