Cpt S 322 BST Number List in Console/Terminal Homework Assignment 1 solved


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Using Visual Studio or SharpDevelop, create a Console application in C# that fulfills the
following requirements:
1. Get a list of integer numbers from the user on A SINGLE LINE
• The numbers will be in the range [0,100]
• The numbers will be separated by spaces
• You may assume that the user enters a correctly formatted input string that
meets these requirements
• You may use Console.ReadLine or one of the other methods we discussed in
class to get input from the user
2. Add all the numbers to a binary search tree in the order they were entered
• Don’t allow duplicates
• Use the Split function on the entered string for easy parsing (split on the space
3. Display the numbers in sorted order (smallest first, largest last).
• Traverse the tree in order to produce this output.
4. Display the following statistics about the tree
• Number of items (note that this will be less than or equal to the number of
items entered by the user, since duplicates won’t be added to the tree). Write
a function that determines this from your BST, NOT the array returned from the
split. In other words, you must have a Count function in your BST
• Number of levels in the tree. A tree with no nodes at all has 0 levels. A tree
with a single node has 1 level. A tree with 2 nodes has 2 levels. A tree with
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three nodes could have 2 or 3 levels. You should know why this is from your
advanced data structures prerequisite course.
• Theoretical minimum number of levels that the tree could have given the
number of nodes it contains (figure out the formula to calculate this)
Point Breakdown (10 points total):
• 9 points: Fulfill all the requirements above with no inaccuracies in the output and no
• 1 point: Code is clean, efficient and well commented
Sample Output:
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