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Assume that you are the teacher of a course with 20 enrolled students and you want to report the
performance of the class. By using the grades information of your class you will make some
calculations in Excel and you will create a performance report in Word.
1. In Excel create a grades table for your class. The table will have 8 columns; the name of the
student, 5 homework grades, midterm grade and final grade. The table will have 20 rows; one
for each student.
2. In Excel, complete the following tasks by using Excel formulas:
a. Calculate the average of homework grades for each student.
b. Calculate the average grade for each homework.
c. Calculate the letter grade of each student by using the grade formula and letter grade
table given below:
Grade = (Average of HWs) x 0,30 + Midterm x 0,30 + Final x 0,40
87-100 AA
81-86 BA
74-80 BB
67-73 CB
60-66 CC
53-59 DC
46-52 DD
39-45 FD
0-38 FF
d. Create a bar chart of the number of submissions (grades higher than 0) for each
e. Create a pie chart of letter grades: shows the percentage of students for each letter
f. Create a line chart that represents the distribution of final exam grades.
3. In Word, create a performance report written in your own words. The format of the report is
given below:
a. All the headings should be bold and should be formatted as 14 pt.
b. Font type of the report should be Times New Roman.
c. The report should have a cover with your name and the name of your course. (Be
creative!) You should create a section for the cover page.
d. All of the pages except the cover page should have top information with the name of
the course.
e. All of the pages except the cover page should have page numbers.
f. Your paragraphs should be aligned to both sides.
g. You should add the grades table, the letter grades table and the charts to your report.
These tables and charts should have captions and you should add cross references to
these in your text. (Write about them in your text!)
4. Upload your .doc and .xls files to the “HW1 Upload” link.