CSCI 466/566 Assignment 8 html and forms in html solved




For this assignment you are to design and write a web page that uses
some of the basic html and form tags you will need for the php
Your page must contain
• Your name and section centered at the bottom of the page
• at least 2 other colors (other than black and white)
• one image on the right at the top of the page with a description of
the picture the left and the time and date the picture was taken
along with the photographers name (use a table!)
• an ordered list of the classes you are currently taking (change
the default list type attribute)
• a form with the following
1. a drop down(options) list with at least 5 different tree names
2. radio buttons with year in school choices (Freshman, Sophomore,
Junior, Senior, Student-at-large, Graduate)
3. check boxes for favorite snack food(at least 3)
4. an input box for entering a name and two buttons (submit
and cancel)
• appropriate documentation in the html that contains your name,
section, instructor name, TA name, Semester and due date
None of the form elements need to do any processing. You should
assume the TAs will be grading these using the browser Firefox, if
you test using some other browser, you must inform the TA which one
it was, otherwise if there are problems you will lose points.
Save your web page as assn8.html in your public_html sub-directory on
You can then access it via Make certain this link works
because that is how this assignment will be graded. In Blackboard,
you must put a link to this page, you will not need to hand in
anything else.