CSCI 466/566 Assignment 6 SQL queries from multiple tables solved




Using the Alexamara database (create it using the source command),
answer the following questions. Make sure you include documentation!
1.List all owner names last, first and the name and type of their
boat and in alphabetic order of last name
2.List all of the owners who have more than one boat, and how many
boats they own.
3.For each service request, list the Description of the request as
well as the Owner last name.
4.For each service category list the Category Description and how
many service requests there are for each category.
5.List all of the owners (name, city, and state) and the Name of the
marina where they keep their boat, in alphabetic order of city and
within city of last name.
6. What is the total rental fee amount for each Marina in the
7.For each service request list the estimated hours, spent hours and
the difference. Just list the ServiceId and the hours information.
All the columns should be renamed.
8.List the last name of the owners (and their boat’s name) who own a
boat that is 30 feet long or shorter.
9.For each boat, list the name and next service date
10.List each boat name, the owner’s last name, the slip number and
Marina name in alphabetic order of boat name within the alphabetic
order of the marina name.