60-141 Assignment 4: Dynamic Linked Lists solved


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Similar to the previous assignment, we will reuse the same structure with minor modifications.
Recall the simple twitter app from the previous assignment.
A “tweet” is a special object that is the fundamental building block of Twitter.
If you are curious about the composition of a tweet you can familiarize yourself with the developer
pages available here:
You can see that the tweet is quite a complex object, which is why we would focus instead on a much
simpler version called “Simple Tweet”. It is a good start for us to create a simple twitter application.
A simple tweet will be composed of the following:
id int; which uniquely identifies the simple tweet
created_at char[51]; that would store the UTC time and date.
Note that UTC is the coordinated universal time, which is a common standard on the Internet.
text char[141]; allow up to 140 characters.
user char[21]; the user name of the person who posted the tweet
The requirement of this assignment is to:
1. Create a self-referential structure definition called tweet in C that contains the simple tweet
members as described above. Document it properly (Document the structure definition stating
its purpose, and each member attribute). [1pts; improper documentation minus up to 2pts]
2. Create an alias using typedef in C for a tweet call it Tweet. [1pts]
3. In the file (global) scope, create a single dynamic event list pointers to maintain a dynamic list
of tweets. Call your pointers ptrFirst and ptrLast. Initially both pointers are NULL indicating it is
an empty list [1pts]
Main functionality:
Write a program that can read the sequential text file tweets.txt, sorts its contents by user in
alphabetical order, then write it back, overwriting the file contents with the newly sorted list.
Note that your program should work for a file of any size; so do not use an array like you did in
assignment 3, use a dynamic linked list instead!
[Marks: Load the file=2pts, Sort (could use insertion sort and sort it as you load it)=2pts, save the file=2pts; cleanup memory=1pts]
Sample Input File: tweets.txt (created using assignment 3)
Fri Mar 9 22:48:25 2018
Jim Smith
my first tweet
Fri Mar 9 22:48:32 2018
Angela Smith
my second tweet
Sample Output File tweets.txt after sorting:
Fri Mar 9 22:48:32 2018
Angela Smith
my second tweet
Fri Mar 9 22:48:25 2018
Jim Smith
my first tweet
Create the following script:
cp assign4.c assign4.bak (back up your C code first!)
script assign4.txt
cat assign4.c
cc assign4.c
cat tweets.txt (this will display the original file – unsorted)
cat tweets.txt (this will display the new file – sorted)
Submit your C code and the script file (assign4.c and assign4.txt)