PROG1165 Assignment 2 – Makefile solved




For the second assignment you will develop a simple program that requires a makefile.
The program is a number guessing game where the user is asked to enter an integer number within a range, and the program will tell the user if it is too high, too low, or the correct guess.
Minimum Requirements
1. The program is a console program and may be written in C or C++.
2. All related functions should be in separate source files.
3. Game functions:
a. Create random number
b. Determine if guess is too high (return 1), too low (return -1) or correct (return 0)
4. User interface functions:
a. Ask the user for a guess and validate it is an integer
b. Tell the user the result of the guess
5. No global variables are permitted
6. The upper limit of the guessing range must be specified by a #define statement
7. Use a makefile early in the process but you must use macros extensively.
8. Create a second makefile with appropriate macro definitions to compile the solution on a Linux system (Ubuntu preferred).

Please submit your completed assignment to the D2L dropboxin a zipped folder. Include only the source files and the 2makefiles.
Note: Do not submit a Visual Studio solution. The purpose of this exercise is explicitly to avoid the use of Visual Studio.