ICT443 Assignment 2: JavaScript Objects, Object Oriented Concepts and HTML5 javaScript API solved




Assignment 2: JavaScript Objects, Object Oriented Concepts and HTML5 javaScript
API (Application programming interface) (25%)

The purpose of this exercise is to test your knowledge of changing objects using
its prototypes and prototypal inheritance. You will be enhancing the Dynamic Task
list that you have created in Assignment 1 with custom JavaScript object and extend
the functionality of your application by adding methods for tasks and using HTML5
local storage functionality. The user interface will also be enhanced using
JavaScript drag and drop, mouse over and css.


1) Creating prototypal inheritance: In assignment 1, you have created generic
custom object for task that had a number of attributes (task name, description etc).
For this assignment, you will demonstrate your knowledge of protypal inheritance by
creating a top level task object and different types of tasks based on category.
For example, you may have a task category of Grocery that will have different
attributes than a task category of Education. However, both types of tasks will
need to inherit some generic attributes and methods from the parent task object.

2) Dynamically change the user interface for task creation: Change the user
interface to allow users to choose the category/type of task to be created and
dynamically change the data entry from so that only fields relevant to the type
of tasks being entered are shown to the user. In addition, when the task is being
shown provide visual distinguishing features to different types of tasks being

3) Enhance reordering of task by using HTML5 drag-and-drop: In assignment 1,
you have allowed users to reorder the tasks without drag and drop. For assignment
1, enhance the recording functionally by allowing users to drag and drop tasks and
reorder them.

4) Save information into local storage: Provide the user to save the tasks and
related information to be saved to the HTML5 local storage. Test this by close
your browser and going to your page again and ensuring that the information
remains in the local storage. Enhance the “Clear tasks” functionality from
assignment 1 to clear the local storage.


1. Package your HTML and JavaScript code as a zip file and submit on D2L dropbox
for assignment 2.