CSCI 466/566 Assignment 11 html, php and mysql solved




100 points
For this assignment you need to use the Alexamara tables you created for an earlier assignment. You
should create 2 or 3 more different pages, that will have links to each of the other pages. Each page
will be made up of some html (no more than one form per page) and some php/mysql statements.
For all pages:
Put an appropriate title (centered) at the top of the page and put your name, section number and the due
date for your assignment at the bottom of the page, also centered. Links to the other pages should also
be at the bottom of the page.
Page One:
Design and code a web page that will allow you to add a new owner to the owner table. You must
provide text input boxes for all of the fields. You do not need to do any error checking .
Page Two:
Design and code a web page that has a drop down (selection) box that has a list of all the boat names, a
selection box that has a list of service categories and two buttons, one that will submit the page and one
that will clear the selection. The user needs to pick a boat name and a service category. When the
submit button is clicked a new service request should be created.
Page Three: (extra credit 25 points)
Design and code a web page that will allow the user to update a service request – this mean you need to
allow the user to choose one, then fill in the appropriate information and allow the user to make at least
one change.
All pages that will use php, must have .php as the extension.