CSCI 466/566 Assignment 1 Entity Relationship Diagram 1 solved

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You are to draw an ER diagram for a hotel management system. This is
a system that has a number of hotels across the country. Each hotel
has a possibly different number of rooms.
Rooms can be classified in a number of ways (for example, 2 double
beds, a suite, one king, etc). Rooms have different prices based on
the day of the week and time of year. If there is a festival or other
tourist draw then rooms are generally priced higher, and Thursday,
Friday, Saturday night rooms are more expensive.
Guests or customers are given a bill for each stay (a stay is one or
more nights in a row) and notation is made of the date of payment.
Customers check into a particular room in a particular hotel on a
date, check out is assumed to be the date of the bill.
Generally, there is no need to have all the names of people staying
in a room, but a count of the number of adults and children is
necessary as rooms and each hotel have maximum occupancy rules.
You need to draw an ER diagram that represents this. Note all of the
entities and relationships, cardinality, indicate key attributes on
your diagram (and others if there is room and it is readable). On a
separate page list each entity and relationship that has any
attributes and list all of the attributes again indicating the
primary key for each. You can make up fields like person_id for keys
as long as they make sense.
Use the symbols and conventions taught in class. You need to turn
this in on Blackboard as a pdf with your name and section on both
pages. Do not do a hand drawing and take a picture of it! You must
also turn in the same thing on paper – a hard copy. It is easier for
the TA to grade and write corrections and suggestions on a piece of
paper. If either one is late, the assignment will be marked late.