ICT443 Assignment 1: Develop a dynamic to-do list solved


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The purpose of this exercise is to test your knowledge custom object and
object methods in JavaScript.


The goal of the assignment is to develop a dynamic to-do list

1. The program should allow users to enter a list of tasks to do. Each task
will have the following components:

I. Task name
II. Task description
III. Task date
IV. Option to choose whether it is urgent or not
V. Task Category
VI. Task order

2. Tasks should be added by a form.

3. Tasks should be displayed as they are entered on the same page (without
doing a page submission or page refresh).

4. The user should be able to modify the tasks and the list. The users should
be have the following capabilities with the list:

I. Edit the task components
II. View the tasks
III. Remove / delete the tasks
IV. Reorder the tasks

5. The user should be able to clear all the tasks in the “to-do” list with
one action.
6. The program should also let the user show and hide the list.


1. Package your HTML, JavaScript and CSS code as a zip file and submit to D2L
dropbox for assignment 1.